Exclusive First Look: Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World Logo (source)


But Johnny Baboon got me this job, so it’s “Mr. Matthews” to you, got it?

From Danny McNulty’s instagram.

Anonymous: "htt p: / /tw itter .c o m/nickandmo re/statu s/458 27253046 2441 472 wonder what episodes they'll rerun? probably only early seasons, but they most likely want the new viewers to keep watching anyway. this source is usually reliable. and may is so soon, so hopefully gmw in june!"

(c) Huh, that’s interesting. I’m thinking maybe they’ll rerun Season One episodes. Since that’s what the first GMW season will be like??? But yeah hopefully GMW in June!!! The sooner the better :)

Regarding Asks…

Just wanted to let you all know that from now on i will tag all asks as bmwgifsask … i apologize for any inconvenience my asks have caused your dashboards.

Anonymous: "Will GMW be a half hour or hour long show?"

All Disney shows are half an hour


Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Daphne. The best friends. 💚

"Cory, it’s just a co-ed bathroom."


This is still one of my favorite Boy Meets World moments, and never fails to make me laugh.

Anonymous: "Does GMW have an official twitter?"

The writers of the show have an official twitter. That’s pretty much the only official GMW account right now.


Anonymous: "do you know if little tommy will be on the show? it'd be amazing if he made an appearance"

Nope, there’s been no mention of him being on it right now. It would be amazing though if he made an appearance. His character was endearing.

"Topanga, did you know that Shawn and Angela -"
"Shawn and Angela broke up? Yeah, Angela told me. [to Shawn] I think you guys are both handling it with incredible maturity.”

The Radio Disney Music Awards commercial aired while I was watching TV today. They announced the GMW cast will present an award and showed this new cast picture. Thought you all would like to see it.