Anonymous: "Wait, so Maya is supposed to have a crush on Riley's uncle? How old is he supposed to be at this point?"

He’s in his late teens. So he’s between the ages of 17-19 most likely.

"Cory, it’s just a co-ed bathroom."

Anonymous: "how do you feel about Riley's love interest being( and looking) 3 or 4 years older? why is he is their grade?"

The actor who plays him is older. His character is the same age. I don’t really feel much about it??? It doesn’t bother me. Danielle and Ben have an age difference. And if I remember correctly, Rider is older than both of them and Trina is older than Rider. I don’t really think it matters.

Anonymous: "I think a really interesting story line is to have Shawn hae a kid he doesn't know about, and then he finds out and wants to have a relationship with him or her, and get together with the mother who doesn't want him a part of their lives. but"

I’ve seen a lot of people speculate this happening or wanting this to happen. Yeah it would be interesting. But whether it would happen or not, I don’t know. Because, I mean, this show will be mainly focused on the kids. Not the adults. But I don’t really know what goes on in the writers’ heads, so who knows what they’re thinking for Shawn past the episode he’s already gonna be on.

Anonymous: "Do you think they're gonna find an Angela for Maya in the later seasons? Like they befriend a black kid and he and Maya fall in love or something? Happy Easter!"

I have no idea. All depends on how the writers see the show progressing. Right now I think they’re just focused on the characters they currently have. Maybe if the show gets renewed for a second season they’ll start to bring new characters. Happy Easter to you too! :)


This is still one of my favorite Boy Meets World moments, and never fails to make me laugh.

Anonymous: "Does GMW have an official twitter?"

The writers of the show have an official twitter. That’s pretty much the only official GMW account right now.

Anonymous: "do you know if little tommy will be on the show? it'd be amazing if he made an appearance"

Nope, there’s been no mention of him being on it right now. It would be amazing though if he made an appearance. His character was endearing.

"Topanga, did you know that Shawn and Angela -"
"Shawn and Angela broke up? Yeah, Angela told me. [to Shawn] I think you guys are both handling it with incredible maturity.”

The Radio Disney Music Awards commercial aired while I was watching TV today. They announced the GMW cast will present an award and showed this new cast picture. Thought you all would like to see it.

More new pictures of Girl Meets World set pictures


More new pictures of Girl Meets World set pictures

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Danny McNulty with Corey

Danny McNulty with Peyton and Corey

Class being filmed and some of the cast

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aka is the exact OPPOSITE of a bully in real life :D

have i mentioned lately how much i adore this girl? xx