Anonymous: "I always as if I could relate more to the Shawn and Angela ship. It might be because they had to work harder for their relationship considering they didn't have a stable background in family and environment and so many abandonment issues, while for the most part Cory and Topanga did have stability in environment and family. Also, there was an interview awhile back where Trina McGee said something about Shawn and Angela."

Yeah a lot of people who may like Shawn/Angela more than Cory/Topanga feel that way. That’s what made them so special. Even though they both wanted what Cory/Topanga had, they weren’t them. Their relationship is completely different. It was a good thing, though. How the show portrayed two different types of relationships like that. It was a nice balance. 

Anonymous: "I just really want this to be a genuinely good, funny, not overly cheesy show that teaches lessons like BMW. I'm excited for the nostalgia but more importantly I want this to be the ultimate family show for the new generations and for it to be what BMW was for us"

i think it will be. i have faith in it :)

Anonymous: "I like in the picture with Lucas having "mr. perfect" on his forehead because in the reviews people noticed that the episode was about flaws and he didn't have any. I obviously don't know what this recent eps about, but I hope that after it, they give him more of a personality (he doesn't seem to have one yet)"

Yeah I liked that too. It looks like all the kids have their “flaws” written on their forehead. And from the pics they’re in Cory’s classroom. I think Cory probably made them write their flaws on themselves as a sort of life lesson he’ll teach. At least that’s what i’m hoping haha

Anonymous: "idk. i've been hearing all these girl meets world rumors for YEARS now. i was always a huge boy meets world fan as a kid so i was excited to hear they'd be coming back. but now that i'm actually seeing previews and stuff i don't think this shows going to be that great. i don't think it'll last. keep in mind that most of the young kids nowadays don't even know what boy meets world is. also who from the original cast is going to be coming back?"

you obviously haven’t read all the gmw spoilers if you think it isn’t going to be great. have a little faith. don’t go by a 30 second preview. it’s true the kids who watch won’t know what bmw is, but that doesn’t matter. you don’t need to have watched the old show to like the new once bc it’s it’s own show. and if kids like the show they’ll eventually probably find out about bmw. you know, if they search up on it and stuff. then they’ll probably end up watching it.

And as for your last question: my FAQ page has the answer :)

Anonymous: "wait so girl meets world is going to be more childish than boy meets world? >:| i thought it was going to be kind of a young adult show."

Disney Channel is for kids. The characters are all around 12 years old. They’re kids. As they grow, the show and topics will grow with them. If the show goes on for a while it won’t be childish.

Anonymous: "Don't you think because Maya is the Shawn of GMW then she won't have a happy ending either?"

Well i hope not. GMW is a kids show after all. I don’t think kids will like a non happy ending for a character that will probably be a favorite for a lot of viewers.

Anonymous: "I just realized in s7 of bmw Shawn pleads for Angela to never leave him and what happens at the end of the series? She leaves him to be with her dad in Europe :( I mean I know Shawn gave his okay and that he understood because Sgt. Moore and Angela didn't see each other much, but why didn't the writers just have Shawn go with Angela and her dad, who might I add approved of him?"

As Michael Jacobs once said, “Nothing good ever happens to Shawn,” For some reason the writers don’t seem to want a happy ending for him. Which I kind of hope changes on this new show.

Anonymous: "why would minkus' kid have a different last name...?"

I think they might have changed it to Farkle Minkus. From the recent spoiler I’ve read that’s what the fan who saw one of the episodes calls him. But since they’ve written the show his name was always Shamus Farkle so I was surprised when he turned out to be Minkus’ son. Once again, I guess we’ll have to watch the show to get the answer to this. But really, there could be a lot of answers to this. It all depends on what Michael Jacobs came up with for these characters.

rude-grrrls: "JENNIFER LOVE FEFFERMAN. post this. it would rule so hard if she showed up in GMW."

That’d be cool, yeah. She’s still acting I think, so I could see it happening. Oh and she’s a mom now, so she’d probably like guest starring on a show her child can watch.

Anonymous: "THEY JUST SHOWED THE GMW PROMO ON DISNEY CHANNEL oops no I'm not 20 and watching disney channel but its so exciting! its finally getting close!!!"

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know, I was hoping someone would message me if they were already airing the promo on tv since i don’t watch disney regularly. But yes! It’s really exciting! Summer is just around the corner :)

Anonymous: "did you really just tag that post ben sandwhich?"

yes, anon. yes i did.

Anonymous: "Is that a tattoo on Ben's arm? How long has he had that? Will Disney let him?"

Yeah it looks like a tattoo. I don’t really know how long he’s had it. First time I’ve ever seen it. And Disney doesn’t care about tattoos. They’ve had actors on their shows with tattoos before. They just cover them up with make up probably.

Anonymous: "I have a premiere date theory! the next Disney Channel original movie premieres July 18th so I think it could be that night, Disney Channel does that kind of thing alot so it could be then"

Good theory! It could be a “night of premieres” thing. Makes sense to me. Let’s hope you’re right :)

Anonymous: "I feel as though a big fan base of the new Girl Meets World series is going to be 16+ year olds that grew up with BMW playing on tv. Do you think Disney is going to play the show toward their young viewers or script it more like BMW? Idk I am nervous because all of Disney's new shows are quite terrible and I don't want GMW to be bad."

Yeah I think it’s pretty obvious that most the viewers will be BMW fans. The show is for younger viewers, but it’s not written by “Disney”. GMW has a lot of the same writers and producers that BMW had which will make it different (in a good way) from all the shows Disney Channel has right now. From everything I’ve read, I honestly don’t think GMW will be bad.

Anonymous: "Disney Channel is now showing commercials for Sabrina Carpenter's music (she's with Hollywood Records and they play her on Radio Disney) next step is Girl Meets World promos!"

Well that’s good that they’re making her familiar to the kids that already watch the channel. When I was younger knowing one of the actors in a new DC show always made me more interested in watching it. It’s a good plan to bring in viewers, even tho i don’t think they would’ve needed it since this show is so anticipated.