Q: The ratings for the second ep of GMW were 3.23

Thanks for the info Anon :)

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Q: where did u watch the girl meets world pilot!?

Watch Disney Channel App. You get it through your cable provider. Go to http://watchdisneychannel.go.com/ and follow the steps.

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Q: What careers does every original character have? Do we know Shawn's?

Topanga is a lawyer, Cory is a middle school (7th grade) teacher (it seems like he might teach History but idk), and Shawn is a writer/photographer, and Harley Keiner is a janitor. That’s all we’ve found out so far.

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Q: omg overprotective dad Cory Matthews interfering with Riley and Lucas while they flirt in class gahhhaskfh alsfk;khfasd


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Q: where did you get your episodes from?

i got it from a torrent i found. i don’t have the link anymore though since i have the torrent saved on my computer.

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Q: Will GMW be a half hour or hour long show?

All Disney shows are half an hour

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Q: Does GMW have an official twitter?

The writers of the show have an official twitter. That’s pretty much the only official GMW account right now.


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Q: do you know if little tommy will be on the show? it'd be amazing if he made an appearance

Nope, there’s been no mention of him being on it right now. It would be amazing though if he made an appearance. His character was endearing.

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Q: hey, I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor and reblog my last post on my page? My friend from highschool went missing in Mexico where he goes to college and we're pretty sure hes been abducted. I'm trying really hard to get the word out about this and since I don't have a ton of followers its really hard. The facebook page is kinda getting attention but I think that posting it on tumblr will help it get more likes on facebook. I'd be so grateful if you reblogged it

i’ll post this publicly so my followers can go to your blog and see it. really hope your friend is okay and is found!

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Q: I'm the Anon who asked about watching GMW online. Just wanted to say thanks for the tip about Watch Disney Channel. I use my friend's cable info to watch stuff on HBO GO and it looks like I'll be able to do the same on Watch Disney Channel for GMW this summer. So happy now! Thanks!!!

Awesome! Glad you figured it out! :)

someone also suggested this too, if you ever need a second option:

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Q: theres a "watch disney channel" app but you have to verify your cable to get it, but maybe that anon could use like a friend's cable to create an account? and some of their shows are on netflix

Good idea! Hope the other anon finds this useful.

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Q: Does anyone know if there is anywhere to view current Disney Channel shows online (like HuluPlus, Amazon, etc)? I really want to see GMW this summer but I don't have cable. I'd be perfectly happy to buy a season pass on iTunes, or something, but that doesn't seem to be an option for new Disney shows. :(

I don’t really know any place to watch Disney Channel shows, I’m sorry. But maybe one of my followers can help you :) Someone must know.

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YES! He’ll be in the first episode!

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Q: do you know if jack is going to be on the show?

There’s been no mention of him appearing, so I don’t know. Anything is possible really.

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Q: i just let my Topanga go to Yale. did i do the wrong thing?

well are you two still together? or did you break up? bc if you are together still and if she’s your “topanga” then no i don’t think you did the wrong thing. because if you really love each other the distance won’t affect you guys. no matter where you two are in the world, you’ll still love each other. that’s not gonna change. i think you did a very selfless thing as well by letting her go to pursue her academic goals. so, good for you! and i wish you two the best! i’m sure everything will be fine :)

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